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Find out how to test your PC’s specs on Home windows 11 | Virtual Developments

Whether or not you’re making plans on upgrading your graphics card, or need to know what model of Windows your device is operating, it will pay to grasp your PC’s specs. Happily, you’ve got speedy get right of entry to to these kinds of main points.

In your attention, we’ve make this information to show you how one can find, and perceive, your PC’s specs in disagree past in any respect.




5 mins

What You Want

  • A PC operating Home windows 11

Find out how to test your specs in Home windows 11

Step 1: Click on at the Home windows brand within the bottom-left of your display at the taskbar. However, press the Home windows button for your keyboard — it will have to be positioned near to the area bar, at the bottom-left aspect.

Step 2: Click on the Equipment icon above the Energy button, highlighted in pink at the above screenshot, to deliver to go into Home windows Settings. You’ll additionally kind in “settings” with the Get started menu not hidden. The machine will later counsel the suitable app to you.

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Step 3: Click on at the Device division within the top-left nook. This will likely hurry you to a ordinary evaluate of your pc.

Step 4: Scroll i’m sick at the left aspect of the Home windows Settings till you find the About division on the very backside. Clicking on it’ll inform you some ordinary issues about your PC.

Getting into the About division will inform you the type of processor (CPU) you’re operating, the quantity of reminiscence (RAM) you’ve got put in, and the instrument ID. It additionally presentations you the model of the running machine you’re the usage of.

This sort of data will suffice in lots of circumstances, however if you wish to know extra in regards to the {hardware} within your desktop PC or pc, retain following during the nearest few steps.

A screenshot of Windows 10 system information.

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A screenshot from Windows 10 system settings.

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Test the Software Supervisor for more info

Step 1: The Software Supervisor in Home windows 11 incorporates a complete record of the entire elements that you simply personal. There are two tactics to get right of entry to it, and the primary one can also be discovered with out exiting the former Settings window.

Within the Alike Settings menu within the top-right nook of the About division, click on the hyperlink categorised Device Data.

Step 2: Later, in finding the hyperlink categorised Software Supervisor within the top-left nook.

However, you’ll be able to input the Software Supervisor by way of the usage of the Get started menu. Merely repeat step one of this information. Visible up the Get started menu by way of clicking the Home windows brand.

Step 3: With the menu not hidden, kind in “device manager.” Click on the highlighted seek outcome or just press Input for your keyboard to go into the Software Supervisor.

Step 4: The Software Supervisor incorporates details about the entire elements to your PC or pc. It means that you can see the precise fashion of maximum items of {hardware}, together with the processor, the graphics card, disk drives, ports, peripherals, and extra.

Extend the sections that pastime you by way of clicking on them — this may increasingly display you extra details about your {hardware} of selection. For instance, clicking Show Adapters will display you the graphics card (GPU). In a similar way, clicking on Processors tells you all in regards to the processor (CPU) put in to your PC and presentations you the collection of cores that your CPU has.

You’ll double-click any feature within the Software Supervisor to deliver to be told extra about it, akin to its condition, put in drivers, and extra.

Software Supervisor incorporates lots of the data you wish to have about your tide PC. Then again, if you wish to dig a negligible deeper, test the extra possibility under.

A screenshot of Speccy.

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Worth Speccy to briefly see the specifications of your PC

Speccy is a program that can display you how one can test PC specifications simply. It’s a light-weight, quick-to-use instrument that deals bite-sized data with out delving into extra attribute. You’ll download Speccy here and later make a choice from the detached and top class variations. The detached model is enough for many customers.

If you’ve put in Speccy, run this system. Later a handy guide a rough research, you’re going to be offered with a abstract of the elements to your PC. Speccy additionally highlights temperatures and signals you in case your PC is simply too heat. If the temps are too top, you will be wanting a better cooler, however there can be many alternative causes in the back of the problem.

You’ll additionally click on across the program at the left-hand aspect. Going into any of the divisions will inform you extra about that individual feature.

Should you in finding that you wish to have much more details about your machine and its condition, a excellent extra is HWiNFO. You’ll download it here.