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How I unlocked the mysterious methods of DLSS

Lies of P running on a gaming monitor.
Jacob Roach / Virtual Developments

Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) has turn into a mainstay in fashionable PC video games. Everyone knows in regards to the unsophisticated presets to choose between in video games that all set the constituent degree and tip the scales towards efficiency or symbol constituent.

However below the skin, there are a length of mysterious presets that manufacture DLSS behave in numerous tactics. Those are how builders tweak how DLSS reacts to a given enter answer and particular recreation content material. They aren’t intended to be user-facing, however a smart mod allowed me to viewable up the hood of DLSS and get my palms grimy. Now not simplest do those mysterious presets grant way more customization,  however additionally they disclose how DLSS in point of fact works.

Meet DLSSTweaks

DLSSTweaks running on Windows.
Jacob Roach / Virtual Developments

The mod in query is DLSSTweaks. It’s principally a wrapper for the document that permits DLSS in video games, overriding Nvidia’s authenticity assessments so you’ll be able to edit sure parameters. The primary serve as of DLSSTweaks is to edit scaling elements, permitting you to vary what every of the efficiency method does. As an example, you want to all set the Efficiency preset to importance a 55% inner answer rather of the 50% inner answer it in most cases makes use of.

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You’ll move all of the approach as much as 100% answer, too, necessarily including Nvidia’s Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing (DLAA) to any recreation that helps DLSS. That may manufacture a immense too much, as you’ll be able to see within the video of Returnal underneath. DLAA no longer simplest makes the bits and bobs of the scene sharper, however it additionally makes them extra solid, dealing with the odd artifacts that pop up when the rainfall occludes alternative gadgets within the scene.

Returnal DLAA

That’s the primary serve as, however you’ll be able to additionally importance DLSSTweaks to put in force one among six DLSS presets (extra on the ones quickly) and to override the default document video games importance for DLSS. That terminating talent turns out to be useful on every occasion Nvidia makes a immense replace to DLSS. You’ll discover a obtain for the untouched model on-line — or get it  from a recreation that includes that model — and upload it for your recreation, irrespective of when (or if) the developer integrates it.

Putting in place DLSSTweaks is a negligible fussy, as it’s important to book over the information to every recreation you wish to have to use the mod to and configure all of them in my view. You’re additionally enhancing recreation information with DLSSTweaks, so you’ll be able to’t importance it with on-line video games. Nonetheless, later operating during the configuration part a quantity instances in numerous video games, I used to be ready to stand and operating in a couple of mins.

The presets

I sought after to take a look at the presets that DLSS makes use of in the back of the scenes. There are six of them, A thru F, that tweak the AI fashion for various enter resolutions and recreation content material. Right here’s how Nvidia describes every of the presets:

  • Preset A: Meant for Efficiency/Balanced/Attribute methods. An used variant highest suited for struggle ghosting for components with lacking inputs, corresponding to movement vectors.
  • Preset B: Meant for Extremely Efficiency method. Matching to Preset A, however for Extremely Efficiency method.
  • Preset C: Meant for Efficiency/Balanced/Attribute methods. Usually favors wave body data; neatly suited to fast paced recreation content material.
  • Preset D: Default preset for Efficiency/Balanced/Attribute methods; normally favors symbol balance.
  • Preset E: A construction fashion that’s not lately old.
  • Preset F: Default preset for Extremely Efficiency and DLAA methods.

This checklist is a little dated. The untouched model of DLSS, DLSS 3.7, contains Preset E, regardless that Nvidia doesn’t have any reliable description for it. Another way, the 2 primary ones you’ll see are Preset D and Preset C. Those glance the most efficient, they usually’re essentially the most solid. With DLSSTweaks, then again, you’re sovereign to importance any of the presets on any efficiency method, in addition to observe a preset globally.

Lies of P Presets

The variations between every preset are admittedly tiny, however there are variations. You’ll see that during motion in Lies of P above. With Preset A (heart), there are disocclusion artifacts across the sparks as they ramp up. They’re sun-baked to identify to start with, however be aware of the ripples the sparks form within the cobblestone. They aren’t provide with Preset D (left) or Preset C (proper).

Atomic Center DLSS Presets

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer right here, regardless that, and Atomic Center is evidence of that. Preset F (heart) is in a position to retain the bits and bobs of the weapon extra solid than the alternative presets, specifically within the grooves. Once more, the too much is minor, however it’s attention-grabbing to look how the other fashions react.

To be sunlit, this isn’t nessacary. I’ve hugely zoomed within the movies right here, and later amassing and evaluating round 50GB of recreation seize, those have been essentially the most signficant variations I may just get a hold of. Builders normally select the most efficient preset out of the gate, anyway, and the minor variations between every of the presets aren’t committing to meaningfully affect your gameplay revel in outdoor of those zoomed-in, slowed-down movies.

Horizon Prohibited West Preset E

Working out this procedure remains to be related, and the new DLSS 3.7 replace is evidence of that. It unlocked Preset E, and there are some signficant symbol constituent enhancements with it. I added the up to date DLSS document to the Horizon Prohibited West recreation folder and compelled the preset thru DLSSTweaks, and you’ll be able to see the outcome within the video above.

The farmland, rocks, or even the chest alike to the digicam are all considerably sharper. In all probability extra importantly, they’re solid. That is 4K seize with DLSS’ Efficiency method, which means an inner answer of 1080p. Preset E isn’t simply cranking the polishing right here, the place you might see instability on those prime component gadgets. It’s additionally retaining extra component within the upscaling procedure.

For fanatics simplest

Ghostrunner 2 DLAA

As discussed, the primary function for DLSSTweaks is including DLAA to video games, and that’s basically what I importance it for. There are an horrendous quantity of video games that assistance DLSS, however don’t come with DLAA, and it could actually have a abundance affect on symbol constituent. As an example, in Ghostrunner 2 above, you’ll be able to see how DLAA stabilizes the flickering preset with the sport’s customary anti-aliasing.

For the presets, they’re extra bother than they’re importance. In case you love to nerd out in regards to the smallest variations in symbol constituent like I do, messing with the presets is fantastic. It exposes what builders are taking a look at (or no longer) when deciding on a preset, and the way Nvidia trains its fashions for various recreation content material. It’s a inquisitive procedure, no longer a realistic one.

There are some parks the place it’s related, regardless that. Horizon Prohibited West is one instance, however we’ve obvious video games in the past that founding with subpar symbol constituent for DLSS (Dragon’s Dogma 2 involves thoughts lately). Obtain and importance DLSSTweaks for DLAA, and retain it on your again region if a recreation with a penniless implementation comes out or an stepped forward model of DLSS is exempted.

Out of doors of the usage of DLSSTweaks for presets and DLAA, it permits you to permit the developer overlay to look what video games are doing with DLSS. I discovered some attention-grabbing issues all over trying out simply during the overlay — as an example, the 2023 remake of Lifeless Area makes use of a customized fashion and weights instead than the outlined presets. Like tweaking the presets, it doesn’t manufacture a too much within the recreation, however it certain is attention-grabbing to take a look at.

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