You are currently viewing AMD’s rumored APU may have extra horsepower than a PS5

AMD’s rumored APU may have extra horsepower than a PS5

AMD CEO Lisa Su holding an APU chip.

AMD’s rumored Zen 5 computer chips glance very robust, a minimum of should you imagine a contemporary publish on the Chiphell forums (by means of VideoCardz). The APUs, code-named Strix Halo, are mentioned to return with 40 Compute Gadgets (CUs) of AMD’s RDNA 3.5 graphics structure, which is greater than what you’ll in finding within the PlayStation 5.

In step with the publish, AMD is prepping two variants. One is supposedly a 16-core type packing 40 CUs for the GPU, day the alternative is a 12-core type with 32 CUs. The poster additionally shared functionality estimates for those chips, appearing the chip with 40 CUs appearing about in addition to an RTX 4060 Ti desktop GPU in 3DMark Month Undercover agent.

If that every one sounds a modest too just right to be true, it really well is also. Those aren’t leaked specifications — that is only a rumor posted on a discussion board. AMD has inadvertently confirmed the existence of Strix Halo thru constancy to its open-source ROCm platform, however as for the specifications or functionality of those chips, we’re dealing in rumors.

Rumored performance for Strix Halo APUs.

Out of doors of core counts, the publish additionally claims the GPU will be capable of spice up as much as 3GHz, which is the next clock pace than the PS5 boasts. There are alternative elements that affect the functionality of the graphics on an APU — shared reminiscence capability and bandwidth important between the two of them — however it’s an noteceable spec, if true.

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An alleged chip line shared at the Chiphell boards presentations that the GPU is greater than two times the dimensions of the 2 dies AMD is the use of for the CPU. It’s mentioned to measure round 200m2, day the 2 CPU dies are mentioned to measure round 80mm2 to 85mmeach and every. The publish additionally claims the 16-core model will worth two CPU dies and recreation a most clock pace of five.8GHz.

For the reason that that is an APU, the reminiscence will probably be shared around the CPU and GPU, indistinguishable to the APUs inside of consoles just like the PS5 or Xbox Form X. The publish claims those chips will recreation a 256-bit reminiscence interface using LPDDR5X-8533, which might permit bandwidth of round 500GB in step with 2nd. That’s a very indistinguishable configuration to what we discover in current-gen consoles.

Rose-tinted specifications?

Rumored layout of AMD's Strix Halo APU.

AMD isn’t any stranger to robust APUs, designing the chips inside of now not simplest current-gen consoles, but in addition handhelds just like the Steam Deck and ROG Ally. Those units have other functionality objectives for various energy levels, however AMD undoubtedly transformative initiative to design a high-performance APU with robust built-in graphics.

If the specifications keep up, the primary factor going through those APUs can be thermals. The PS5 and Xbox Form X have unique cooling answers and a lot more room than a regular computer. With extra restricted territory, those rumored Strix Halo chips would possibly not be capable of succeed in their complete attainable in a transportable PC. On the other hand, they’re rumored to focus on high-end gaming laptops, that are generally higher and quality extra competitive cooling.

It’s going to be a day earlier than we all know extra in regards to the specifications. Rumor has it that AMD will starting Strix Halo in 2025, so there’s nonetheless a dozen of occasion earlier than we see how the chips climate up. This roundup of rumors on Chiphell may just keep up, as diverse YouTube and X leakers have prompt, or it is usually a bunch of hogwash. We’ll simply have to attend and notice.

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